Monday, October 20, 2014

Pretty Stuff

Photographer Signe Vilstrup For Elle Denmark May 2013 “De Evige Muser”

The Dance #2 (1911). Emil Nolde (German, 1867-1956). From the exhibition “Emil Nolde. Jakten på det autentiske” at the National Gallery in Oslo, Norway. October 10, 2012.

A personality of the avant garde, master of modern Art, Nolde was not a theoretician, neither was he a militant protestor nor the defender of a peremptory or a teleological formalism, but a true artist communicating immediately with his vision, his impulses and his influences.

Roger Vivier

The Pink Dancers, Before the Ballet (1884). Edgar Degas (French, Impressionism, 1834-1917). Oil on canvas. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen.

Degas likened the dancers’ training to his work as an artist. Just as he sketched the dancers’ every gesture and position to make his paintings as authentic as possible, the dancers performed countless repetitions to perfect their movements.

Degas sketched as he wandered the Opera House, filling his notebooks with drawings of dancers and then returning to his studio to compose and paint.

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