Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Part 2


via:Photo: Yannis Vlamos/,


  1. daring, yes. attractive? NSM. The first 3/4 look like hideous 70's faux ethnic woven placemats were tossed in a blender with the cheesy cartoon Italian guy from 60's advertising (or holiday nutcrackers), a few of those doubly hideous "embroidered" straw handbags, and one heaping tablespoon of ugly. Pulse, pouring after each whirl, and voila...these outfits.

    The last quarter? Holy cheap faux wicker patio furniture explosion nightmare. Vegetable bag mesh and potato sacking? wth. The looks on the models faces...priceless. Please tell me these are not actually Dolce & Gabbana's offerings for the Spring?

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